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Presidential Traverse

We completed the Presidential Traverse, approximately 19.5 mi, in 13:37. We spotted a car at Highland Center the previous evening.  We started at 5:15am at Appalachia TH and finished at 6:52pm at Highland Center. We filled up on water at Madison Hut, Washington Observatory, and Lake of the Clouds Hut. We each carried 3-4 sandwiches [...]

Moose Crossing

Our week in New Hampshire was not as productive as we were hoping but we did get to see a lot of the state.  Past trips to the condo were usually in the winter so now we were able to explore the local area in a new season.  Some of our adventures included: Walker Farm [...]

Mount Washington

Climbed Mount Washington on Friday with Tom. It was a strenuous hike and I think we broke in our new Asolos.

Life as a Digital Nomad

There are two weeks left until the trip and I am still working.  Work really picked up at my company this summer and I stayed on an extra week to finish two reports.  And, technically, it doesn’t matter where I do my work as long as I have a phone and an Internet connection.  Since [...]

Turkey Yum, Driving Yuck

Someone please remind me to fly next Thanksgiving. Driving the Sunday after Thanksgiving on the Eastern corridor is a punishment like no other. Marc and I left New Hampshire at 10am and didn’t arrive until almost 1am; in ideal conditions, we would have walked into our apartment at 7pm. Forget 10 and 2. Marc always [...]

Baklava or balaclava?

It was 38 degrees, sunny and thus a beautiful day to hike up Mt. Cardigan in New Hampshire. We weren’t the only people leaving the comfort of a warm home behind as there were a surprising number of people on the trail. You might be wondering “why on earth would you venture out into the [...]