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Moose Crossing

Our week in New Hampshire was not as productive as we were hoping but we did get to see a lot of the state.  Past trips to the condo were usually in the winter so now we were able to explore the local area in a new season.  Some of our adventures included: Walker Farm [...]

T Minus One Week

The countdown is on – we’re leaving next Tuesday! Beth Ann and I have been frantically ticking off our pre-departure tasks. This week we transferred our car insurance to Massachusetts, completed various shopping errands (e.g., travel sized toiletries), got International Driving Permits, and did some blog maintenance. Next on the list is to transfer our [...]

One Bookcase Sold!

I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed.  Work has gone into overdrive.  We usually do not have many projects during the summer but this year is an anomaly. Planning for the trip, coordinating a move, and having a packed work schedule is a bit difficult to manage all at once. In two weeks, the truck will be packed [...]

The Month of February

It is July but our calendar says it is February.  I keep trying to advance the months, while Marc keeps returning the calendar to the February page because he likes the photos.  As you can see, the pictures are beautiful and I can’t wait to get there.  Patagonia, for both of us, is the place [...]

Finding the Lost City of the Incas

Our Machu Picchu trek is confirmed! Even though it is only June we had to move fast.  The Peruvian government allots about 400 tickets a day and dates through the 1st week in October were already sold out.  Holding us up was trying to decide which vendor to use.  We were debating between using  Llama [...]

Remember the Milk

14 completed.  49 incomplete (and counting). This is our to do list status. To keep track of everything we need to accomplish before we leave, Marc and I are using a site called rememberthemilk.com.  Marc is a big fan, although I am still warming up to it.  I will say that it is helpful to [...]