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Monday was a hectic return travel day and a bit of an experiment. Rather than flying back to Istanbul Sunday evening, we had booked our Antalya-Istanbul flight for Monday morning. This was a calculated risk as any delay could have caused us to miss our 1:00pm flight from Istanbul to Munich. Luckily, everything went according [...]

Antalya, Turkey

From Fethiye we headed to Antalya by bus. We were able to eat a leisurely Turkish breakfast on the patio of Villa Daffodil, stuff our gear into a dolmus, and show up at the otogar (bus station). Again, given that it was the shoulder season, we found a bus with space leaving for Antalya immediately. [...]

Fethiye, Turkey, Day 3

On our last day in Fethiye, we set out to explore the Yedi Burun (Seven Capes) coast south of Oludeniz. We were aiming for the village of Faralya and its Butterfly Valley. Ultimately, our dolmus wound its way around steep cliffs and corners before depositing us at the last stop – Kabak. We paused for [...]

Fethiye, Turkey, Day 2

After a leisurely Turkish breakfast at Villa Daffodil, we departed to Oludeniz (“Dead Sea” in Turkish) via dolmus (shared van). After expending copious amounts of energy sitting on the bus for 40 minutes I arrived in Oludeniz famished and the first order of business was to eat lunch in order to avoid another low-glucose situation. [...]

Fethiye, Turkey, Day 1

After a relaxing morning at Melrose Hotel to counter the hectic previous day, we continued on with our journey by picking up a 12:30pm bus to Fethiye on the Mediterranean coast. While waiting for the bus we spent some time talking with two friendly solo South Korean travelers. The bus took us through beautiful, mountainous [...]

Pamukkale, Turkey

The three hour bus ride from Selcuk to Denizli went surprisingly well. As usual, Ezra made friends with two women who were happy to hold him for a bit. Near the end of the ride he started to get antsy and we kept him occupied with the secret weapons – Brown Bear, Brown Bear and [...]

Ephesus, Turkey

Ephesus is considered one of the best-preserved classical cities in the Eastern Mediterranean region. At its peak, Ephesus was the capital of the Roman province of Asia and boasted 250,000 inhabitants. The goddess Artemis was heavily worshipped here. Our host from Nilya dropped us off at the Upper (Magnesia) Gate and we spent two pleasant [...]

Selcuk, Turkey

After checking out of our apartment and saying good-bye to Mamut, we carted our belongings about a half a mile to Taksim Square where we caught a taxi.  Due to our lack of Turkish we mistakenly told the driver we were headed to America when we thought the driver was asking where we were from.  This small [...]

Istanbul, Turkey, Day 3

This morning we woke up to what sounded like a parade marching through Beyoglu. I headed out to pick up breakfast and discovered a school nearby. In the main plaza hundreds of students were gathered around in a circle listening to music and cheering. I also noticed that red and white Turkish flags were suspended [...]

Istanbul, Turkey, Day 2

Ezra didn’t sleep very much on our first night.  In fact, we were up til 3:30am with him.  In the morning I went out to purchase nescafe instant coffee, yogurts, and packaged pancakes for breakfast.  As it was Sunday morning the streets were pretty quiet.  After eating breakfast in our living room, Ezra and Beth [...]