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Baklava or balaclava?

It was 38 degrees, sunny and thus a beautiful day to hike up Mt. Cardigan in New Hampshire. We weren’t the only people leaving the comfort of a warm home behind as there were a surprising number of people on the trail.

You might be wondering “why on earth would you venture out into the cold to hike a mountain?” Our goals were to get in a hike and to test our gear, which worked surprisingly well. Based on the hike, I decided I need at least one more layer (just in case), and both of us are going to get a balaclava since the wind on top of Old Baldy was terribly cold.

The trail was actually not that long, so Marc and I decided hike it twice using two different routes. We intentionally went down the “wrong” trail so we would HAVE to ascend the mountain again.

Below are a few photos from the day.

Me in my winter duds at the top.

Marc checking out the scenery.

Marc was also playing around with the polarizing filter we bought for the camera. Unfortunately, we didn’t capture the same scene without the filter for comparison purposes. He did rotate the filter, though. Can you see a difference in the sky?

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