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Eight months. Nine countries. Countless bumpy bus rides. Enjoy…

CategoryMarcBeth Ann
Favorite countryArgentina, PeruIt's hard to choose but I was surprised at how much I liked Bolivia, Brazil, and India - all countries I really didn't want to go to.
Favorite large cityArequipa (Peru), Buenos Aires (Argentina)Buenos Aires (Argentina), Arequipa (Peru)
Favorite small cityItacare (Brazil), Vilcabamba (Ecuador)Vicuna (Chile)
Least favorite placeJaipur (India), Banos (Ecuador)Manuas (Brazil), Banos (Ecuador)
Favorite hikePlaza Francia (Aconcagua PP, Argentina), the 'W' (Torres del Paine NP, Chile)The 'W' (Torres del Paine NP, Chile)
Favorite man made sightKuelap (Peru), Taj Mahal (India), Moai (Chile)Kuelap (Peru), Moai (Chile)
Favorite natural sightView from Annapurna Base Camp (Annapurna Sanctuary Trek, Nepal), Isla Magdelena (Chile), Perito Moreno Glacier (Argentina)Madidi National Park (Bolivia), Iguazu Falls (Argentina), Perito Moreno Glacier (Argentina), View from Annapurna Base Camp (Nepal)
Favorite safari sightPink dolphin (Rio Negro, Brazil), Asian rhino (Royal Chitwan National Park, Nepal)Macaws (near Madidi National Park, Bolivia), Tucans dancing (Rio Negro, Brazil), Asian rhino (Royal Chitwan National Park, Nepal)
Favorite new drinkLassi (India), Caipiranha (Brazil)Chai masala (India), Various vitaminas made with Amazonian fruits (Brazil)
Favorite new foodAlpaca (Peru), Piranha (Brazil)Masala dosa (India)
Most surprising part of the tripAmount of people who wanted to take our photo in India, Safety in Bolivia and BrazilWe didn't get robbed, injured or assaulted (knocking on wood right now). Before leaving on OW we watched the movies Taken and Transsiberian. We thought for sure something very bad would happen.; It IS possible to spend 30 hours on a bus.; It is easier to find wifi in South America than in India.; How much I would miss the US and would want to come home at the end.
Best part of the tripReaching the Beagle Channel in Ushuaia, Argentina; Crossing the Thorung La Pass
Worst part of the trip30+ hour travel marathons, Getting bacterial diarrhea (more than once)Being glared at in Nepal
What we are most looking forward at homeCleanliness, Dunkin' Donuts, uninterrupted electricity, lack of pollution, lack of loud honking, lack of open sewers, seeing family and friends, not being stared at, microbrewed draft beer, a Crescent Ridge hot fudge sundaeSeeing family and friends, Stoneyfield's yogurt, a pint of cold beer, going to a movie, Crescent Ridge ice cream, clean air, clean tap water, lack of power outages, a bigger wardrobe, clean clothes, not looking like a slob and not having to pack my bag every couple of days
Most useful item we brought with usSwiss army knife, netbook, earplugs, headlampSwiss army knife, bowl with attached cutting board (thanks, Jess), headlamp, zip lock bags
Least useful item we brought with usTripod, playing cardsTripod
Something that we would have changed about the tripTrip length (too long), Should have bought more souvenir t-shirtsTrip length (too long), should have bought more souvenirs, should have drank better wine in Chile and Argentina, should not have obsessed about meeting our daily budget
Next place we would like to travel toTurkey, Indonesia, trans-Siberian railwayChina, Mongolia, and Russia on the trans-Siberian railway


  1. Cathy says:

    I had dunkin donuts yesterday in your honor. The blueberry coffee was very good. Glad you are home safe!

  2. Kim Foster says:

    I would have liked to see Colorado on that next place to travel to :(

  3. aron says:

    I agree! Alpaca’s awesome!

  4. Steven McCormack says:

    So glad you guys made it home safe!

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