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T Minus One Week

The countdown is on – we’re leaving next Tuesday! Beth Ann and I have been frantically ticking off our pre-departure tasks. This week we transferred our car insurance to Massachusetts, completed various shopping errands (e.g., travel sized toiletries), got International Driving Permits, and did some blog maintenance. Next on the list is to transfer our car registration to Massachusetts, bust out some visa photos, hibernate our cell phones, and finish the “Operation Wanderlust Reference Manual” that will provide essential information to our loved ones while we’re gone.


  1. doug says:

    ahhhh, what a brilliant and fun idea! with your south american odyssey a week away, i’m so excited for you [and for me living vicariously through your journal/photos]. godspeed!!!

  2. Beth A Heberger says:

    Hi Marc & Beth Ann!

    I’m so excited to be able to stalk you as you go on your journey! I hope that you have a WONDERFUL time! Can’t wait to hear about it all when you get home. :) I’ll send a carrier pigeon your way to let you know when the baby comes.

    Love you guys!


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