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Fethiye, Turkey, Day 1

After a relaxing morning at Melrose Hotel to counter the hectic previous day, we continued on with our journey by picking up a 12:30pm bus to Fethiye on the Mediterranean coast. While waiting for the bus we spent some time talking with two friendly solo South Korean travelers. The bus took us through beautiful, mountainous countryside. The scenery was breathtaking in places and Marc and I both wondered when we would actually hit the coast. Much to our surprise we could still see the mountains when we arrived in Fethiye; the merger of water and mountains created a spectacular coast line.

While checking in to the Villa Daffodil we conversed with the animated former Colonel who owns the hotel; with his two employees standing behind him we felt like were addressing the captain of a ship! Later we discovered that we were one of only seven guests. After getting settled we put Ezra into the stroller and took a walk on the board walk. Near the marina Marc noticed increased security, catering, and people walking around with 007 badges. Putting two and two together, we figured out that the next James Bond installment – Skyfall – was filming in Fethiye! Unfortunately, we didn’t run into Daniel Craig or Rachel Weisz but it added some excitement to the trip.

Since it was getting late our search for a restaurant was on, especially since I was approaching a critical “food mood”. For the uninitiated, this is a low-glucose condition where if I don’t eat I end up enraged at my travel partner. Some might call it a “Code Red” situation. We were on the search for a restaurant listed in the Lonely Planet guide. I was a little on edge at this point since my last meal was hours ago and I wanted to stop at just about any place. Marc reminded about our quest for good food and we finally found our destination, Deniz Restaurant (Deniz means sea in Turkish). It was almost 8pm and there were no customers so I was a bit skeptical, especially since we were about to eat seafood. Marc asked for a menu. No menu. Instead they showed us the mezes we could choose from and then peeled back a blanket on a large ice chest that revealed the freshly-caught fish we could choose from. After some discussion, we selected a red snapper and waited for our meal. We were not disappointed. Our waiter, a Jude Law look-alike, was very kind to us and even took Ezra for a few minutes when he became fussy so I could enjoy my dinner.

Not a bad way to end the day.

Lodging: Villa Daffodil

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