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Fethiye, Turkey, Day 2

After a leisurely Turkish breakfast at Villa Daffodil, we departed to Oludeniz (“Dead Sea” in Turkish) via dolmus (shared van). After expending copious amounts of energy sitting on the bus for 40 minutes I arrived in Oludeniz famished and the first order of business was to eat lunch in order to avoid another low-glucose situation. Fortunately for us near the bus stop was a donor kebab establishment which ended up being my favorite of the trip. I even convinced Marc to split a third wrap between the two of us.

With full bellies we continued on to the beach where we decided to walk to the Blue Lagoon nearby. We soon learned that it would cost us another $10/person to enter the lagoon area so we decided to stay put on the public beach which was deserted due to the shoulder season. We splurged for an umbrella and two chairs and spent most of the time talking with an American couple and a British family that were seated near us. Marc attempted to swim in the sea but the cold water kept him from taking more than a quick dip. Ezra, who loves taking a bath at home, screamed bloody murder when we tried to put his toes in the waves.

The American couple, Burt and April, was from Portland, Oregon and the wife was actually on the nearby mountaintop waiting to parasail when we arrived. We spent a lot of time looking at the sky with Burt waiting for a blue sail to emerge. They actually had done quite a bit of traveling so we traded stories and advice about new destinations. The British family had a 15 month old son named Oscar. Ezra and Oscar hit if off since Ezra was a rock eater and Oscar kept eating the sand.

By 5pm the sun was obscured in the clouds and it seemed like a good time to head back. Once back in Fethiye we of course looked for food and arrived a local restaurant where we tried pide for the first time. Pide is referred to as “Turkish pizza”. Marc was disappointed that we were going to miss the sunset on the Tombs of Amyntas but we managed to fit in all in. On the way we passed several Lycian sarcophagi in a small park and one in the middle of the street. These sarcophagi have distinctive shapes and design patterns and are found in various places along the coast. The Tombs of Amyntas are Lycian burial vaults carved into the rock and were very beautiful with the warm glow from the sunset. At the tombs we ran into our South Korean friends and watched the sunset over the mountains and Calis Bay.

Lodging: Villa Daffodil

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