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International Flight with an Infant

There are red dots on my face!

I'm very excited for my trip!

We spent Friday taking care of last minute preparations. Of note, we took Ezra to the pediatrician to be diagnosed with Kocsacki Disease, a viral infection which results in red spots on the face, hands, and feet! The Nurse Practitioner assured us that he would recover in several days and it wouldn’t be an issue for our trip. Our friendly taxi driver arrived to drive us to the airport at 6:30pm. We had plenty of time to spare so we ate dinner at the Vineyard Grille where we chatted with our very sociable Brazilian waiter.

Making friends and possibly spreading baby viruses

Making friends and possibly spreading baby viruses

The Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt (8 hours) started off poorly and stayed that way. As soon as we boarded the flight (in priority fashion since we had a baby) Ezra started crying and screaming. This continued for a large portion of the flight. The flight staff were very helpful and although we surely enraged our fellow passengers no one said anything to us. I spent a good deal of time standing up near the bathrooms rocking Ezra. He didn’t want anything to do with the bassinet. Eventually, he fell asleep for a few hours in Beth Ann’s lap. We had a short layover in Frankfurt and then boarded a connecting flight to Istanbul. Getting to the plane required a long bus trip across the tarmac, not sure why. On the flight (2.5 hours), the woman behind us made friends with Ezra and kept cooing to him when he started crying or whining. We thought we were “in” with the Turkish people but on arrival we learned that the couple was actually Brazilian. We took her picture with Ezra, anyway.

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    You seem to have an ‘in’ with the Brazilians!

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