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                               Monday was a hectic return travel day and a bit of an experiment. Rather than flying back to Istanbul Sunday evening, we had booked our Antalya-Istanbul flight for Monday morning. This was a calculated risk as any delay could have caused us to miss our 1:00pm flight from Istanbul to Munich. Luckily, everything went according to plan, more or less. The White Garden Pansiyon arranged an early morning shuttle to the airport for us. From Antalya we took a short flight to Istanbul, where we killed a few hours. Passing through the passport control gate, we had a bit of a scare when the transit officer refused to let Ezra through. It turned out that his boarding pass said “Marc Krull” rather than “Ezra Fricker-Krull”. He held Beth Ann and Ezra in limbo while I returned to the Lufthansa ticketing desk. The agent simply wrote “Ezra Fricker-Krull” on the boarding pass and handed it back. Of course, back at passport control, this did not satisfy the transit officer, who complained to his partner. After making a phone call he finally decided we weren’t terrorists and let us pass. Once inside the terminal we conducted a fruitless search for souvenir t-shirts and settled on a box of Turkish delight, instead. While Beth Ann and Ezra waited at the gate I suffered through a painfully slow line at the currency exchange counter to avoid getting stuck with my remaining Turkish Lira. Ezra did great on the flight to Munich and equally well on the long haul back to Boston. He slept for a while and even allowed Beth Ann and I to each watch a movie. Once again the Lufthansa service was excellent and the food was not bad. On arriving at Logan we realized that bringing a smartphone would have been useful as we had no way to contact Mike. Beth Ann improvised by approaching a random young man and borrowing his phone to send a text message. It all worked out and Mike transported us back home where Ezra didn’t sleep very much we began the jetlag recovery process.

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